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Anglican & Eastern Churches Association, The

Lambeth Palace, Lambeth, SE1 7JU, London
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Open Lectures & Talks'The Association organises an annual Pilgrimage, an annual Constantinople Lecture, a summer Festival, as well as other events, which are open to members and their friends.'
Named Lectures & TalksConstantinople Lecture
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Art + Christianity Enquiry
Open Lectures & Talks'ACE organises lectures, study days, conferences, workshops and retreats. These have taken place both in the UK and internationally in partnership a wide variety of groups and individuals.'
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Arts Centre Group
Open Lectures & TalksOrganize 'a variety of exhibitions, parties, lectures and workshops throughout the year'.
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Bishop Grosseteste University

Newport, Lincoln, LN1 3DY, East Midlands
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Open Lectures & Talks'Events'.
Historic CountyLincolnshire
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64 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LY, South East
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lectures. Enquire about attendance.
Online Lectures & TalksResources 'This section of our website offers you the chance to access for private use, subject to copyright, talks, papers, occasional sermons, audio files, and video clips from events at Blackfriars. The views contained in these resources are those of their respective authors.'
Named Lectures & TalksAquinas Lecture | Elizabeth Anscombe Memorial Lecture | George Pire Lecture
Also IndexedLas Casas Institute
Historic CountyOxfordshire
Type of BodyReligious Body
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Cairns Church Milngavie

Cairns Church of Scotland, 11 Buchanan Street, East Dunbartonshire, G62 8AW, Scotland
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Open Lectures & Talks'Every year Cairns hosts a series of lectures by invited speakers renowned in their own field under the heading Thinking Allowed ... The series now forms the main thrust of outreach from a church which is well known for its liberal and inclusive approach.'
Historic CountyStirlingshire
Type of BodyReligious Body
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Cathedrals Group, The
Open Lectures & TalksOrganize the annual Dearing Memorial Lecture.
Online Lectures & TalksCan download transcripts of recent lectures.
Named Lectures & TalksDearing Memorial Lecture | Council of Church Universities and Colleges
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Christian Ecology Link
Open Lectures & TalksDetailed calendar lists nation-wide talks, lectures and related events relevant to the mission of the organization.
Also IndexedGreen Christian
Type of BodyWeb Portal
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Christians in Library and Information Services
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Open Lectures & TalksThe Annual Public Lecture 'takes place on a Saturday in Autumn each year ... The Annual Lecture is the most public of our meetings. It is intended to appeal not only to members, but also to others working in libraries and information services, and to the Christian community in general. Attendance is often relatively high, as subjects are chosen for wide appeal, and sometimes, for their controversial nature.' The Annual Lecture 'has no settled venue. It has been held in places as diverse as Cardiff, Manchester and Oxford'.
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Christians in Science
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Open Lectures & Talks'The majority of CiS activities occur in local groups spread throughout the UK.'
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Christians in Science - Bristol
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Open Lectures & TalksOccasional talks.
Historic CountyGloucestershire
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Christians in Science - Manchester
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional talks.
Also IndexedManchester Science and Philosophy Group
Historic CountyLancashire
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Ecclesiastical Law Society

Serle Court, 6 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, Camden, WC2A 3QS, London
Open Lectures & TalksRange of lectures: check details.
Named Lectures & TalksLyndwood Lecture | Richard Hooker Lecture
Historic CountyLondon - Central
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Evangelical Library, The

5/6 Gateway Mews, Ringway, Bounds Green, Haringey, N11 2UT, London
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lunchtime lectures: 'A very warm welcome to all.'
Historic CountyLondon - Outer
Type of BodyLibrary & Archive
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Fleet Street Talks

21 Fleet Street, The City, EC4Y 1AA, London
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Open Lectures & Talks'At the Fleet Street Talks we believe that we hear God speak to us today as the bible is taught. For this reason we use our main weekly meeting to listen to a part of the bible read and explained in a way which is accessible for everyone. So, whether you are a committed believer or an interested observer you are most welcome ... We welcome people at any stage of Christian understanding, whether you would call yourself a Christian or are simply interested in finding out more about the Christian faith.'
Also IndexedSt Bride Foundation
Historic CountyLondon - Central
Type of BodyReligious Body
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Franciscan International Study Centre

Giles Lane, Canterbury, CT2 7NA, South East
Open Lectures & TalksOccasional lectures. Enquire about attendance.
Named Lectures & TalksExCorde Lectures
Historic CountyKent
Type of BodyReligious Body
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Leeds Trinity University

Brownberrie Lane, Leeds, LS18 5HD, Yorkshire and the Humber
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Open Lectures & Talks'Events'.
Historic CountyYorkshire West Riding
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Luther King House

Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JP, North West
Navigate Website>>> What's On >>> Theology Open Lectures
Open Lectures & Talks'These theological lectures present recent or current research in an accessible way. They are free of charge, and there is no need to book - just turn up!'
Named Lectures & TalksWhitley Lecture
Historic CountyLancashire
Type of BodyLearning Centre
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Manchester Wesley Research Centre

Dene Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2GU, North West
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Open Lectures & TalksDetails of 'the MWRC Lecture, an annual major scholarly event in Manchester which includes a paper read by one or more of the Fellows of the Centre'. Enquire about attendance - and to other events which might be open to all.
Named Lectures & TalksMWRC Annual Lecture
Also IndexedNazarene Theological College
Historic CountyLancashire
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Nazarene Theological College

Dene Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2GU, North West
Navigate Website>>> About Us >>> Didsbury Lectures
Open Lectures & Talks'In 1979 the College instituted an annual lecture series, the Didsbury Lectures. Each year a series of four lectures is given by a leading scholar or theologian standing within the historic Christian faith.' Enquire about attendance.
Online Lectures & Talks'Most of the lectures have been published.'
Named Lectures & TalksDidsbury Lectures | Drysdale Lecture
Historic CountyLancashire
Type of BodyLearning Centre
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Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture

Regent’s Park College, Pusey Street, Oxford, OX1 2LB, South East
Navigate Website>>> Academic >>> Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture
Open Lectures & Talks'Each Tuesday during the University term the Centre runs programmes of Public Lectures with distinguished speakers for the world of academia, church and faith communities, politics, and public life, on matters of interest to the university community, the churches and faith communities and wider society. They are open to all members of the public free of charge. They are normally held at 5.00 pm in the College’s Collier Room and are followed by discussion with the lecturer until about 6.15 pm.'
Online Lectures & Talks'Podcasts of this term's lectures are available.'
Named Lectures & TalksDavid Nicholls Memorial Lecture
Also IndexedRegent's Park College
Historic CountyOxfordshire
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Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

St Philip & St James Church, Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 6HR, South East
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Open Lectures & TalksWeekly Tuesday Lectures 'These public lectures are intended to contribute to addressing the needs of what Professor Walls calls, "Post-Western Christianity", focusing particularly on expounding the theological, biblical and missiological contribution the church in the global "South" is making. The dissemination of these lectures through print and audio is expected to be a resource for "a new age of Christian scholarship" in the growing church.'
Named Lectures & TalksMontagu Barker Lectures
Historic CountyOxfordshire
Type of BodyLearning Centre
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Science and Faith in Norfolk

Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Street, Norwich, NR2 2BJ, Eastern
Open Lectures & Talks'SFN engages with members of the public through open meetings on science faith issues at the Meeting Place (Holy Trinity Church, NR2 2BJ) and its Annual Cathedral Lecture - given by a well known scientist or theologian on a topical subject.'
Also IndexedChristians in Science
Historic CountyNorfolk
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William Temple Association - York

York St John University, Lord Mayor's Walk, York, YO31 7EX, Yorkshire and the Humber
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Open Lectures & TalksRange of talks, usually evenings at 7.30 pm.
Named Lectures & TalksWilliam Temple Lecture
Historic CountyYorkshire North Riding
Type of BodyLocal Society
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